Monday, December 19, 2011

The Power of Push

At the end of this post is both an entertaining and hilarious video.  The level of play is questionable to say the least and there is an obvious skill separation between the two teams, but the video offers useful instruction.

The Legion team picks five heroes, Jeraziah, Demented Shaman, Accursed, Slither, and Wildsoul.  The first three heroes have something important in common; the ability to heal and prevent death.  That allows for a more effective push by preventing death (obviously) as well as freeing heroes from having to go back to the well to heal.  In addition, their healing ability allows the Legion team to pull off an early Kongor kill with the help of Wildsoul and Slither.  From there, with extra experience and a token, the Legion team simply storms the middle lane and wins in a swift and violent fashion.  To further their ability to push, the Legion team adds a mana ring, supplying their all-important healers with a virtual infinite supply of mana, especially because of the low mana pools in play at lower levels.

Here is the movie, enjoy.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Favorite Hero: Blood Hunter

In Heroes of Newerth, like all video games, noobs come in all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes they can be hard to spot, but pretty often a player's hero choice can give it away.  Scout is a favorite of noobs, followed closely by Bloodhunter.  Considering he's one of my favorite heroes, that must make me a noob.

That said, I don't really care because Bloodhunter is so fun to play.  As a meele hero with a fast attack animation, Bloodhunter is an excellent last hitter, and his passive skill gives him health back every time he finishes off a creep.  Combined, this makes Bloodhunter an excellent solo mid hero with very few counters.

As such, Bloodhunter can take over games.  By dominating the mid lane, Bloodhunter allows his team to dominate the mid-game.  By getting levels, Bloodhunter's ultimate skill can be deadly against lower level foes and makes for a great ganking weapon. 

There are two main items builds for Bloodhunter I have adhered to are rushing a codex or rushing a mock of brilliance.  When I first played Bloodhunter, I preferred the first build.  An early codex made for easy ganks and ridiculous fun.  It also prevented Bloodhunter from scaling.  More recently, I have switched to rushing a mock.  That allows Bloodhunter to be very effective in mid-game team fights and allows him to farm making him moderately viable late-game.

And that my friends, is why Bloodhunter is one of my favorite heroes.

Engineer's Glory Days

Back in Heroes of Newerth Beta there existed a few of ridiculously overpowered heroes. However, no hero comes close to the hero that was known as Engineer's turret. I distinctly have hilarious memories of chucking that little guy up on a cliff and watching later as a lowly support hero walks by and gets rape faced in a few seconds. In Beta before the mines, before all the tricks with the turret, the turret was manly and only shot at heroes. No messing around. Its sole focus was that of rape.

The only thing that was needed was a charged hammer and shoes to instant win any game. Teamfights start breaking out. And what do you do as an overpowered Engineer you may ask? Drop your turret, drop your ultimate and run away from everyone like a pansy. Or sometimes I would like to ninja a turret behind their team and bait them into Ralph's line of sight.... turret had a nickname... so what? You jealous?

But yes. Engineer has to be the most overpowered hero in the history of overpowered heroes. Not only this but it was ridiculous to see how long they kept Engineer in his overpowered state. If you did not play HON back in beta day, watch this video so you may fully understand the days where an Engineer pick was an insta-win pick.

Welcome to Level 5 Codex

Welcome to Level 5 Codex.  This blog is going to be a collection of all things Heroes Of Newerth compiled by two buddies, Schlesinator and myself.  We intend to bring our audience the best and most ridiculous content when it comes to HON.  Thanks for reading.