Sunday, February 26, 2012


We've merged with

We are now officially writing for! Don't jump out of your chair. We know you love this blog :D and while Schlesinator and Clutchtastic are going to fully dedicate themselves to Honportal, I am also going to dedicate myself to honportal but I will still write some articles for this blog. I will be doing more "fun" posts on honportal while clutchtastic will be doing a variety of covering professional games etc. Schlesinator will also be doing things like me and pro game coverage too. I know I'm going to dedicate myself to Honportal 100% but that doesn't mean I can't leave the other 50% to this blog. I will be doing about 3-5 posts per week on honportal, and I hope to do about 2-3 posts a week to this blog. So check out it's awesome and they have an amazing professional team, which includes players such as - Freshpro, Chessie, noobG, Limmp, and Moonmeander. So check it out! We'll see you there!

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